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Hope: I Miss You
HOPE was born in Germany. Their family roots go via Sweden to England, so she grew up from the very beginning with two mother tongues. She spent her childhood on scenic Lake Constance. 
One of her schooling she spent in Oakland, where she often with her ​​friends on the "Bay" to San Francisco to visit "their" city which became their second home then drove, and it has remained until today.With a drummer as a father HOPE grew up with music around him.Early she knew what the music meant to her. To date, she still remembers the precise moment when it became clear to her:.. "I was six years old I was sitting in my bed and listened to a CD and wept And when my mother asked me what was going on, I said The music is so beautiful, it hurts me correctly - I have to do this ". From that moment on there was no stopping them.Hope has always been the most appropriate name for it. The hope of the hairbrush one day a microphone, would be a professional from the nursery a real stage and the passion she could go on and on. And rightly so ...Today 2015 is already a special year for HOPE. Earlier this year they released their debut single SAN FRANCISCO. She now presents I Miss You, the second single from her debut album, which is just as colorful and bright as HOPE itself. It has been created an album that combines many musical styles and influences into itself. With an elegant mix of synthetic sounds and HOPE's unique, beautiful voice.Currently HOPE lives in Hamburg and is preparing the release of their album 2016th




  Sexy Lopes: Cutting Up Shapes
Lexy Lopes an emerging female artist from Portugal who was raised in London and is often described as “The Bilingual Queen” and “The Chorus Queen” because of her catchy Lyrics a product of her catchy nature. The pressures of being an immigrant family, in a new country and witnessing first hand the social ills of a major urban-city, she found music to be a great source of comfort and a creative escape from her turbulent environment. Over 12 years she developed and perfected her craft, steadily and consistently releasing songs and testing her boundaries in multiple genre’s. She has been revolutionary in igniting a boycott of the Portuguese festival in 2008 by her fans which resulted in her becoming the first rapper to feature at Portuguese festival. Lexy has worked with numerous artists including Young Max, Poetik, Deeco, Darkboi, Mix3d, Edge, Mad Kutz, Tenchoo and has been supported by..... 
DJ’s such as Jay Baptiste, DJ Jo Paulo, DJ Xclusive, DJ Matty, DJ Ultimate, DJ Crazy Maxx, Clifford “DJ Fresh” Watson and Selecta Ice, who have been pushing her sound out to countless crowds. Her focus now is on doing more shows more tours and building up an already growing fanbase,More recently she has been developing a new sound over what some might describe as “Pop House” a unique blend of styles that should solidify her as a hot new comer in the UK music scene!


     Def Dasm: Que Sabor


Def Dasm is a Chicago native and no stranger to the house game. His music career started out working at B-Sides Record store. He later went on to become the manager at Mix-A-lots Record store and also worked at Superdance Record Store.
Def Dasm is a DJ, Remixer and Producer. He plays and produces a variety of genres of msuic ranging from Instrumental Hip-Hop, Downtempo,Techno, Jack, Latin,Tec-House and House. He has had releases on Tru Musica, Distorted Muzik, Look At You Records, Phunk Junk Records, Toxic Recordings and Gods Of Madness.
Def Dasm doesn't stick to one genre. He doesn't believe in genres. He believes that music is an expression of ones self. Something that comes from your soul. You should always express yourself without borders or genres. Do what you feel is right. Make sure to catch one of his DJ sets on his monthly podcast available on Mixcloud.
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